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Author : Don Evans

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No, no, no. Not Prada. Pradata. The Obris Morgan Pradata. The name might be a little weird, and I am not sure of the origin, but one thing is for sure, after my time with this new diver model from Obris Morgan, it is an excellent value when it comes to a dive watch. These days, many of us watch enthusiasts are always looking for a good value or bargain, or as some say “bang for your buck”. Sometimes you get what you pay for. For example, if you pay $280, you get a $280 watch. Obris Morgan’s recent models, Nevon and Explorer, really set a standard for what type of watch you could get for under $300. Their newest model, the Pradata, surpasses even those. The solid steel case was designed by Obris Morgan. That is something in and of itself right there. Some brands that boast some of the stats that the Pradata has, the case/and or bracelet, is an off the shelf or catalog case. Now, the bracelet is catalog, a 5 link bracelet we have seen on some similar watches through the years. But, the end links are not. The end links were custom made to fit the case and lugs of the Pradata. They not only fit perfectly, but really add to the value, as the whole watch looks much more expensive than it actually is. The selling price for the blasted model, reviewed here, is $289.

Here are the full specifications:
Watch Case and case back: SUS316L Stainless Steel
Bracelet: 4.2mm Thickness 5 links Bracelet
Movement holder: 316L Stainless Steel
Movement: Automatic Caliber – Miyota 9015
Dial: SuperLuminova Lumed (C1)(C3) indices
Bezel: 120 Clicks uni-directional bezel
Dimensions: Bezel 44mm diameter, Case Body excluding crown guard 43mm
Thickness: 14mm Lug width: 22mm Lug to Lug width: 52.6mm
Crown: 7mm x 4mm
Automatic Helium Escape Valve (Operate at 5 atm pressure inside)
Water Resistance: 30 ATM / 300 meters
Crystal: 3.5mm Thickness Sapphire (Single side anti-reflective coated)
Weight: 236 g (Full linked bracelet)

After wearing for a few weeks, I have found many positives and very few negative items I can say about the Pradata. One thing I always keep in mind when doing a review, is the price. With the price of this model, it is hard to really knock it for anything.

The Pradata is very comfortable on the wrist, and that is coming from someone who is not a bracelet guy anymore. Yet this watch to me just looks at home on the 5 link bracelet and simply wraps around the wrist. I have a 7.5-inch wrist and the size is right in my sweet spot of 44mm with 52mm lug to lug. For those who want to change it out to another strap, the Pradata uses screw bars for the lugs. This makes strap changes a little easier.

The case, bracelet, and case back are all bead blasted. Although the finish is very well done, it is very apparent when sizing the bracelet (which uses one piece screws) that it was blasted after it was initially assembled. While this is not a huge deal, and does not affect the functionality or appearance, you will notice when removing the screws it is a little rough, as some of the bead blasting dust is inside the links. It feels like there is sand inside. After I removed the screws, I gave it a shot of compressed air to clean out any little particles.

Fricker came to mind when looking at the case. It just has that German tool diver feeling about it. If you are familiar with German dive watches, you will know what I mean. This is another reason that I fell in love with it. The bezel clicks nicely. Firm, but easily turned with a little a pressure. I do find it odd that the elapsed timer markings on the bezel are not coated or filled in. If you plan to use this to actually time a dive, I am not sure if you would be able to easily read it. Personally, I am not a diver, but I like the aesthetic of a dive watch, and the machined bezel looks good to me the way it is. It gives it a very clean look.

The bracelet, as I mentioned, is very comfortable. The links are rounded and smooth and I enjoy wearing it. The clasp, your standard dive lock clasp, has 3 micro adjustments. It does lack a dive extension, though, which is another thing to keep in mind if you wanted to use for actual diving. This is not a knock on the watch or the brand, but I feel if you are going to build an absolute functional dive watch, you need to go all the way. The case has a helium release valve, which let’s face it, 98% of us will never use. Many divers will use a dive extension to be able to put the watch over a dive suit. This honestly is me being really picky, but they are things I noticed and felt the need to report them.

My review sample is the black dial with C1 superluminova and yellow accents (second hand and Pradata text). The color, a deeper yellow, appears orange in some photos. An orange version is available as well. It is, for me, just the right amount of color.

The lume was surprisingly good for C1, as that is not always the case. All the markers and hands, including the second hand tip are lumed, and the lume is the same strength on the hands and markers.

Let’s not forget that the Pradata has an AR coated sapphire crystal, and the Miyota 9015 movement. There is no need to go into the movement and its accuracy, etc., as the 9015 has become pretty standard in many micro brands these days, and I have reviewed many watches using it. With good reason, the 9015 proved itself to be smooth and durable.

I know this review has come across as I am singing the praises of Obris Morgan, and there is a good reason. I am. I am always astounded as to how they can build a watch of this quality for the price. There are a lot of nice watches out there under $300, however, many do not come with sapphire crystal, an auto movement, great lume, and a case that was designed in house. The Pradata also comes shipped in a pelican style dive case, with polishing cloth and a zulu strap. If you are looking for that rugged and well built dive watch, and are on a budget, or even if not on a budget, and just love the look and design, I highly recommend the Obris Morgan Pradata.

The Pradata comes in black and blue dials, with a choice of PVD, Blasted and Brushe finishes. As of this writing, some variations might be sold out, though the version reviewed here is still in stock.

Thank you to Obris Morgan for providing the Pradata for review. I honestly can not wait to see what their next release will be, as I have no doubt it will be another quality, affordable timepiece. (Well, I hope it will be anyways).

Thank you for reading. I look forward to your comments below.

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